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It doesn't matter whether a person is young or old, a back massager can significantly impact the quality of life for anyone. My husband used to complain about his back for years and years. I finally told him that enough was enough. We needed to find a solution that would help him feel better. We spent hours researching through our options of possible products. After reading every review for every product we could find, we have finally completed a list of the best back soothing products.

The Back Massager Rankings

1. Homedics Shiatsu Massaging Cushion with Heat Attachment

The average customer rating for this homedics product is 4 out of 5 stars. This cushion has two separate section… the top section is for shoulders and the bottom is for your back. You also have the ability to target a certain area of your body. Which is great for pin pointing a specific area that needs attention. 

The heat capability is also a major reason to invest in this Homedics cushion. For certain types of injuries, medical professionals strongly recommend that heat is administered in a controlled environment. And for personal pleasure, it can be fairly invigorating to blast a heat wave on your body.
This Homedics Shiatsu back massager has quick heat technology. Once activated, the user can experience a considerable amount of heat in less than one minute. The convenience of quick heat technology is unquestionable. Nobody wants to have to wait around for a good back massage. And this product will not keep you waiting, it's ready for pleasure within a minute from when you sit down.

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2. Sharper Image Quad Roller Shiatsu Back Massager

This is one of the most powerful back massagers that you can buy. As you'd expect from a quality back massager, it comes with heating capabilities.

The power of the quad roller's massage is also it's one weakness. Some customers complain that it is only effective at hard massages, and not adequate at a more softer touch.

Most back massage patients prefer a good hard massage. But sometimes it's nice to have a softer one depending on your mood. 

It can still give a "softer back massage," but it excells at a hard massage designed to effectively roll out any kinks or back tension.

Overall, this is an excellent product at a great price. 

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3. Homedics MCS-200H

The advantages:

It conveniently folds and can be easily transported or stored

The price is right (significantly cheaper than the higher end back massagers

What to expect?

Well, you can't expect the Rolls Royce of back massagers for around a 100 bucks. It's not the best back massager out there. 

But it is unquestionably the best "cheap" back massager on the market. A great entry if you're not looking to spend too much.

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4. Homedics Back Revitalizer 5-Motor Back Massager

Homedics takes advantage of their impeccable ability to customize your massaging experience. 

As the title suggests, there are 5 separate modes to choose from. Each of these modes has been appropriately picked to give you a different massage.

Almost all customers are completely satisfied with the range of possible massages. Especially when you take into account the ability to select a specific location on the cushion. This product is highly recommended.

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5. Body Back Buddy

I am a huge fan of the Body Back Buddy. This has been the number 1 best selling back massage product released in the last two years. The reason it's so popular is because of the price tag. It costs around 30 dollars and can be used literally anywhere.

The downside of this product is that it requires a certain amount of work on your part to have a massage. And it won't be nearly as luxurious or comfortable as a full sized back massager cushion.

If you need a high quality back massaging product, then this is not your number 1 choice. But if you want the best cheap solution that you can take anywhere you want, the Body Back Buddy is a great choice.

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Back Massagers

The following are the various kinds of back massagers that are currently in vogue, in the marketplace:

  • Electric back massager: An electric back massager has been made in such a way that, it can reach any region of the back and give a soothing massage. Several patterns of massagers of these kinds are presently available in various outlets. An electric back massager denotes as being an excellent choice for eliminating diverse forms of backaches. (1)
  • Vibrating back massager: Vibration back massagers can be conveniently fixed around the region where pain is being experienced. Generally, these massagers have different settings of massage, and users are free to opt for the one that is best for their given aches. The vibrating massager usually derives its power from a battery. It has to be stated that these varieties (vibrating back massagers) have highly simplified operation, and hence can be used by almost anyone. (2)
  • Infrared back massager: This type of massager is unique, in the sense that, it can directly touch the human tissues, and can hence tackle the exact imbalance causing the pain. An infrared back massager is a perfect combination of both massage and heat – a combination that is more or less essential for quick recovery from aches. (3)
  • Back massager for chair: The massagers of this pattern are being used only since the recent past, more so in comparison with other varieties. These products enable the users in getting a relaxing massage, in the comfortable ambience of their homes. In fact, these massagers are considered to give a massage that is very near to the one given by a trained therapist, in terms of the soothing effect. (4)
  • Handheld back massager: A handheld back massager, owing to its compact size, facilitates the users in having an instant access to it, soon as the need arises. There are now several models of massagers of this variety. In fact, there are quite a few handheld back massagers that also have different massage settings. (5)
  • Portable back massagers: As suggested by the name, portable back massagers can be comfortably carried around. This makes sure that the user never gets stranded for want of a massager. In fact, the designs of these products are such that, they can be used practically anywhere. These massagers also provide for modifying of the settings, as per the user requirement. Nowadays, there are varied kinds of portable back massagers being sold in the markets. (6)
  • Upper back massagers: Presently, there are also back massagers that have been specifically designed to provide relief from pain at the upper back. These products denote as being nothing short of a blessing for people having aches of this kind.

In addition to all the above, there are specific massagers that are recommended by therapists, who are also trained to give massages by themselves. The following link has a video where, some techniques of back massage have been covered:

The table mentioned below has details about some of the leading models of back massagers presently being used:

(7) (8) & (9)
All the products mentioned above are just few of the several models that are presently in vogue. These are some other patterns: Relaxgen Memory Foam Massage Cushion, HotMedics 5-Motor Massage Mat, Relaxgen Memory Foam Lumbar Support Massage Cushion with Heat and HotMedics Shiatsu Massaging Cushion, to name a few. (7)

The ensuing table has a list of the top back massager brands of the year 2011:



Price (Approx)


Thumper Mini Pro 2 Massager



Core Jeanie Rub Massager



Homedics Massaging Cushion



Ineed Lumbar Massage Pillow



Aosom Recliner Massage Chair


Human Touch Back Massagers: Human Touch is involved in providing top quality products aimed at addressing the aspect of individual well-being, and these are also inclusive of diverse kinds of back massage chairs. In fact, these massagers are made in such a way that, the experience provided by them is similar to using the services of a professional masseur. The back massager models of Human touch are: HT-7450 Massage Chair, HT-275 ThermoStretch™ Massage Chair, iJoy-130 Massage® Chair and and iJoy-2580 Robotic Massage® Chair, among many others. (11)

Need for back massage equipment: Some patterns of massages do not need any specialized equipment, and the mere presence of a trained professional is more than enough. But forms like the stone massage do necessitate the usage of some equipment. In fact, for all these massages, it is only the concerned masseur who is competent to decide as to what exactly is the required equipment. As a matter of fact, they are also knowledgeable about the locations from where it (equipment) can be obtained. In this connection, it is strongly advised that laymen do not take their own decisions, without taking guidance of the expert. (12)

What to look for in a back massager: When a person intends to buy a back massager, it is imperative that they adhere to some guidelines. First and foremost, full information has to be taken about the type of motors used, for even different products of the same maker could have varied kinds of motors. Equally important is the aspect that, buyers should get to know full details about both the heat and also the feature of customization. It is only then that the massager would fully meet requirements of the buyers. Last but in no way the least, full details of the terms of warranty have to be obtained. This is very vital, especially in the event of the product getting damaged within a short duration after the purchase. (13)

Be cautious while buying a back massager: A Parkland-based physician met with an untimely death, after being strangled by a defective neck massager. The husband of the deceased lady initiated legal proceedings against the suppliers of the massager. This news item once again emphasizes as to how crucial it is to be buying a good quality product, for any negligence here could endanger the very life of a person. (14)

Massage- A stress buster: Medical experts, after various exhaustive researches, have stated that having a massage on a daily basis alleviates stress, by acting upon various acupressure regions of human body. And there cannot be a better way of having a daily massage than owning a back massager. As mentioned earlier, there are now varied models of these products available. Hence, by opting for the most suitable massager, people can lead a relatively stress-free life. (15)
New Product: Recently, a new kind of back massager has been introduced, and which is named as the Star Shaped Back Massager. The online location,, carries out the sale of this latest offering, which is available in numerous colors. (16)